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New Blog Aims to Keep the Conversation Going, Add Value to Your Business

Greetings and welcome! I’m Andy Cameron, vice president of the data recovery team at DRN, and this is the first article for our new DRN Recovery Blog. I hope the blog will become a running dialogue of ideas and answers for those you of you in the DRN Affiliate Network.

Allow me to start by saying, this blog will be a place to provide value for you by sharing beneficial ideas, including tips and suggestions you may have, a place to provide education on opportunities and strategies for you to grow and manage your business, and a place to keep you informed about what’s coming next from our team. Ultimately, we are here to make sure that you succeed, so it’s important that we listen to the issues you’re having, listen to suggestions you make — and then do something about it.

Over the last few months, I have been:

  • Reviewing the procedures and practices here at DRN as it relates to you, our affiliates and providers
  • Meeting and talking with many of you at trade shows and events

And I hear you. All of you.

We now in the process of:

  • Categorizing any issues that have arisen
  • Looking at what works and what doesn’t
  • Identifying solutions and best practices, many times coming directly from affiliates and providers

For example, many of you expressed the need for a point of contact or central place to send comments, questions, requests or even offer suggestions. As a result, we now have a Customer Service email, customerservice@drndata.com, that is monitored live Monday-Friday, during regular business hours to respond to those comments and questions.

So, keep checking back every few weeks to see what’s new. I can’t promise that I’ll have something that specifically applies to you each and every time, but I will always have something that applies to someone in our network.

So keep the ideas coming. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Like I said, I don’t just hear you talking, I’m listening.

Till next time . . .

Andy Cameron

As Vice President of the Data Recovery Team, Andy leads the DRN Recovery Network, Hardware sales teams and manages the Provider relationships.

In his previous role at Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) as the VP of LPR Operations, Andy built the LPR division from the bottom up, including agent management, dispatch services, and national distribution of LPR systems. He was instrumental in rapidly establishing and growing the operation’s national footprint. In addition, Andy has over 20 years of experience in Internal Security holding positions ranging from Regional Director to Vice President.

Andy is an honorably discharged United States Marine Corps veteran and served from 1983 to 1987. He attended Sacramento City College.

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