How Our Auto Recovery Network Works

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Use LPR to find more vehicles and grow your hotlist

DRN Affiliates are able to use LPR to find more vehicles and expand their hotlist. With the largest database of license plate scans (over 6 billion) and the largest hotlist (250,000+) of any LPR provider, DRN arms its Affiliates with the data and hardware they need to grow their business.

Here’s how it works:

Lenders upload their hotlist

Lenders upload their hot lists, which is distributed to assigned affiliates who receive a live in-car alert when they have a “hit” or have scanned a car that is out for recovery.

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Recovery agents scan plates

Equipped with LPR cameras, DRN Affiliates scan license plates that create a historical scan database that serves the entire network to generate more recoveries. DRN hosts the largest scan database in the industry.

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Affiliates are alerted when a hotlist vehicle is scanned

When an affiliate scans a plate that is on the hotlist, they receive a live in-car alert. Additionally, Affiliates can use historical scans to help locate a vehicle.

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Scanning Builds the Network Database

DRN affiliates equipped with LPR cameras scan license plates every day, building up a historical scan database that serves the Affiliate and the entire network in generating more hits and recoveries. DRN maintains the largest database of scans and the numbers continue to grow daily.

Recover More with Top Auto Lenders

DRN serves the top lenders in the nation who rely on DRN’s extensive auto recovery network and database to help them recover their assets. Lenders upload their hotlists, which are beamed to assigned affiliates who will then receive a live in-car alert when they have a “hit” or have scanned a car that is out for recovery.

Using a Provider Multiplies Assignments and Recoveries

Affiliates that sign up with a DRN approved Provider get access to ten times more assignments than they would have without a provider – over 250,000. These are assignments that only DRN can offer through the Providers in the Recovery Network. In many cases, this can add up to pick-ups of over 20% more assets.

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