Across the United States, license plates have been changing plate design with new configurations.  DRN’s Reaper camera kit captures plates through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) resulting in successful scans.  We have identified a few state license plates with specific design templates that makes scanning more challenging and we are actively capturing new “raw video” data from these states to enhance the OCR.  The new OCR files will ultimately increase the quantity and accuracy of scan volume.  If you know of recently released new plates in your state or see a lower capture rate than expected, please contact our support team.  See if your state is on the list for Raw Video Capture below.

Active Data States: AZ, CO, FL, IL, IN, NY & UT

DRN 24/7 Support:


Phone: 855-437-6435

Andy Cameron

As Vice President of the Data Recovery Team, Andy leads the DRN Recovery Network, Hardware sales teams and manages the Provider relationships.

In his previous role at Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) as the VP of LPR Operations, Andy built the LPR division from the bottom up, including agent management, dispatch services, and national distribution of LPR systems. He was instrumental in rapidly establishing and growing the operation’s national footprint. In addition, Andy has over 20 years of experience in Internal Security holding positions ranging from Regional Director to Vice President.

Andy is an honorably discharged United States Marine Corps veteran and served from 1983 to 1987. He attended Sacramento City College.

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