Existing Affiliates

|[one]DRN continues to invest in our Affiliate program ensuring success for all of our dedicated Affiliates. Key to your success is our growing scan volume exceeding 80,000,000 scans per month.[/one]

Affiliate Benefits

Dedicated DRN Affiliates that implement best practices have seen their businesses grow and expand with:

  • Increased recoveries and profits
  • New revenue streams
  • Improved operating efficiencies and decrease recovery costs
  • Increased return on investment
  • Easier, streamlined recovery
  • Profit sharing opportunities

DRN recognizes outstanding Affiliates every year at the annual North American Repo Summit (NARS) where DRN awards top performers.

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Affiliate Testimonials

Since Digital Recognition Network implemented their new Affiliate Support Group, problems are resolved in a minimal amount of time! They log right in, fix the problem, and I’m on the road again generating revenue. The historical data has proved invaluable and LPR2.0 instant hits are just an added bonus. My average recovery time has gone from four days down to 1.5 days due to my agency’s utilization of the LPR Camera Kits and historical data. DRN has helped my business generate over $62,000 in additional revenue in the first year as an Affiliate. I don’t know how companies would survive without Digital Recognition Network as a partner.
Select Recovery, Virginia
I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your technical support staff has improved significantly from the past. Thank you!
Aggressive Recovery Inc., Florida
License plate recognition technology in our industry has truly earned its place. DRN, most recently, has reevaluated their support model with great success. The aforementioned refinements, in my opinion, reflect the results of a solid vision and a careful implementation of positive, effective changes for its Affiliates.
The Greenwood Group, Maryland
Our agency has already upgraded to the new CarDetector Mobile v.5.5 on our new Raptor II and our older LPR Camera Kits. We’ve noticed a huge difference with the increase in speed as well as being much more user friendly for our drivers. The layout is much cleaner versus the older version and has been trouble free since the upgrade was released. We would also like to thank DRN for extending the hours that the Affiliate Support Group is available. This is a “game changer” in our industry when you have drivers out in the early mornings and they are able to receive the support they need to continue scanning and generating revenue.
Rapid Recovery, Illinois