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Your feedback helps DRN build the tools you need to succeed. We work hard to provide products and services that will be a pillar in the long-term success of your company. Take a look at how Action Auto Recovery is putting DRN to work to make their business more efficient and increase repos.

The Action Auto Recovery Success Story

After running another camera system for a few years I was well over the poor results. My support team pushed me towards DRN. I was very hesitant at first and thought to myself that is a lot of money to spend on a hunch. Well I took the leap just over a year ago bought my first set and installed them on one of my recovery vehicles, we did very well. I then received a call from our DRN rep Andy and he told me the pros of using a camera car. I thought to myself car payment, insurance, gas and paying an employee just to drive around, just did not fit my budget.


During the 2015 Allied Finance Adjusters convention last June and speaking with other DRN users I was told repeatedly to put them on a car and sweep the neighborhoods. Well that is exactly what I did and now I can’t tell you how much the DRN system has increased my business! The amount of vehicles we are recovering each day and night is something I did not ever think was possible. It is absolutely amazing! Using the camera car we not get three to four times the daily scans we use to and now all the historical hits that are emailed each day, keeps us very busy. Did my investment pay for itself? I have three words…. Yes It Did!


I need to say one thing that is very important, DRN Technical Support is outstanding! As a business owner I felt like I was learning all over again. I had and still do have, a lot of questions, each time I call tech support I was greeted with the best personalities and treated like part of the DRN team. Shawn and Fin seem to answer my calls the most and they bend over backwards to help. No question is too stupid to ask them and they always follow up with a return call a few days later to make sure all is well. Most of you know what technical support is like to us the consumer, you are on hold forever and they seem to always make it your fault. Not with DRN tech support, they answer the phones, help you on the spot and the best part is they speak English!   Let’s not forget Andy our rep. He has stopped by my office on many occasions just to see how we are doing. He even takes rides with you to help adjust the cameras for optimal scanning.


All in all our team at Action Auto Recovery could not be happier; I look forward to many years of this great partnership.


To everyone at DRN,  Thank you!



Chuck Cowherd

Action Auto Recovery

RA 641 Since 1967

Action Auto Recovery

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Andy Cameron

As Vice President of the Data Recovery Team, Andy leads the DRN Recovery Network, Hardware sales teams and manages the Provider relationships.

In his previous role at Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) as the VP of LPR Operations, Andy built the LPR division from the bottom up, including agent management, dispatch services, and national distribution of LPR systems. He was instrumental in rapidly establishing and growing the operation’s national footprint. In addition, Andy has over 20 years of experience in Internal Security holding positions ranging from Regional Director to Vice President.

Andy is an honorably discharged United States Marine Corps veteran and served from 1983 to 1987. He attended Sacramento City College.

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